Annual Dues

Just a reminder, annual dues are set at $170.00 for 2019, the same as last year, and are due January 1. You will be receiving a coupon in the mail from Centennial Bank for your dues this year. Dues that have not been paid by January 31, will incur a $25 late fee plus interest, so be sure to pay your dues in January.

If you do not receive a notice, or inadvertently threw it away, you can log onto the Blue Water Community Management website to pay your dues. You should have received a letter from Blue Water in the mail with your login information. You can also contact them for a copy of your dues notice and/or your login information.

If you need additional  time to pay your dues, please contact Blue Water to arrange a payment plan and avoid the collection process. Collection is costly and once it has started the fees cannot be undone. Please plan ahead and arrange a plan before the end of January if you need to. 

2 thoughts on “Annual Dues”

  1. Not cool. Last year they were due the end of January, and in my math, if that is for a year, it should not be due again until the end of January again. Let alone the fact that I just get the bill yesterday, with 7 business days left!

    1. The dues have always been payable January 1. The difference is in prior years there was a two month grace period before a late fee applied. This has changed to a one month grace period before late fees are assessed.

      Dues cover expenses for the calendar year – January through December. Regardless of when they are collected or paid, they always cover that period.

      I hope that helps.

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